Meals 4/28 to 5/10

4/28 – burgers, sweet potato fries, slaw

4/29 – garlic shrimp, veggies

4/30 – crockpot spaghetti & spaghetti squash

5/1 – Asian Chicken, steamed broccoli

5/2 – Pork chops, mashed cauli, green beans

5/5 – something with ground beef

5/6 – salmon cakes, kale, carrots

5/7 – General Tso’s meatballs, broccoli

5/8 – Jamaican Chicken, carrot salad, green beans

5/9 – Beef roast, mashed cauli, carrots

5/10 – Crockpot Pork Vindaloo, mixed veg


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Paleo Persimmon Pudding

One of my favorite memories is collecting persimmons in the fall, then cleaning them and pulping them with my mom. Then, we’d make persimmon pudding for Thanksgiving dessert. It was delightful, and there are many fond memories. I have rarely had access to them since I have been married, however, and have never done much with them. Until early this fall at one of the last few farmer’s markets of the season. A nice gentleman was sharing space with his neighbor, who was a regular on our farmer’s market route. That gentleman was selling persimmons and persimmon pulp. The pulp was, understandably, quite a bit more expensive than the persimmons. Since I knew how to clean the persimmons and get pulp out of them, I got 4 containers of persimmons for the price of one container’s worth of pulp.

This was a nice afternoon’s worth of work to clean them and run them through the chinois, but worth it, it was. However, we had one minor problem. Mom’s persimmon recipe was made with all-purpose flour. Combine this with the fact that I try very much to avoid making gluten-free and/or paleo treats because they are much less nutritionally dense than our normal diet. So, I had no gluten-free flour and did not want to just make it gluten-free. I also try to avoid using almonds too much. So, I thought that I could try some coconut flour. The first version was a bit puckery and more like persimmon bars. And I didn’t make it again. Until my son asked for persimmon pudding for his eighth birthday. I fortunately wrote down what I thought I should do the next time I made it and went from there. This time, it was persimmon pudding perfection. It is still a little puckery because I do not want to put too much sugar in it, but it has a much better flavor and texture.

Without further ado, here is my recipe for Paleo Persimmon Pudding

3 cups persimmon pulp
3/4 cup sugar (may substitute maple sugar, but might want to cut down a bit on coconut milk)
2 eggs, room temperature
1/4 cup coconut flour
1 cup coconut milk
1/4 rounded tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 cup coconut oil or butter, melted
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda

Mix the wet ingredients together. Whisk in the dry ingredients. Pour into greased 9″ x 13″ baking dish. Bake in a 325* oven for 40 minutes.


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Menu 2/16 – 3/2

I figured I would update a menu, since we’re doing a lot of new dishes this cycle.  Also, we’re doing a Whole30 as a family, so most of these are either already Whole30 approved, or easy to make Whole30.

2/16 – Chili with guac and slaw

2/17 – leftovers or roast chicken and veggies

2/18 – Oxtail Soup (recipe from a book I downloaded onto my Kindle)

2/19 – One-pot mustard and lemon chicken

2/20 –  Beef Saag and Punjabi Cabbage

2/21 – Italian Pork Chops with caramelized onions, green beans, still thinking on that last side.  Maybe ginger carrots or kraut

2/22 – Venison Goulash with mashed cauliflower (using venison, adding carrots

2/23 – Salmon cakes, winter squash, chard

2/24 – Italian Wedding Soup (homemade meatballs, omit orzo)

2/25 – Liver and onions, carrots, green beans

2/26 – Moroccan Chicken, broccoli

2/27 – Smoked sausage and cabbage noodles

2/28 – Shrimp Tom Kha Gai

3/1 – Gyro bowl, oven-roasted zukes, onions, peppers (using the spices and dressing, but using ground beef instead, maybe meatballs?)

3/2 – Asian Carnitas, stirfried broccoli slaw

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I'm back! Menu 11/5 – 11/20

After a really busy summer, I’m back with a new menu!:)

Monday, November 5 – Boston Butt (pork shoulder roast) in the crockpot with BBQ sauce, sauteed kale, fruit

Tuesday, November 6 – Italian roasted chicken, charoset, green beans

Wednesday, November 7 – Greek meatballs (using ground beef), oven roasted veggies – zucchini, peppers, mushrooms

Thursday, November 8 – Bacon-wrapped Salmon cakes, sweet potatoes

Friday, November 9 – Liver and onions, mixed veggies

Saturday, November 10 – Roasted turkey, sides TBD

Sunday, November 11 – Beef Burgundy in crockpot, mashed cauliflower

Monday, November 12 – Caribbean jerk chicken drums, Caribbean carrot salad, steamed broccoli

Tuesday, November 13 – meatloaf, mixed veggies

Wednesday, November 14 – Leftover turkey

Thursday, November 15 – jambalaya

Friday, November 16 – apple bacon chicken (remember, I bake mine for about 45 minutes uncovered in a 350 oven), sweet potato fries

Saturday, November 17 – bacon-wrapped tilapia, asparagus

Sunday, November 18 – ham in crockpot, sides TBD

Monday, November 19 – slow roasted oven chicken thighs, sides TBD

Tuesday, November 20 – TBD (maybe spaghetti soup)

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Menu 5/5 – 5/20

Sorry for the lack of menus for the last 6 weeks or so. I didn’t try anything new, so you’re not missing anything. 🙂

Saturday, 5/5 – Burgers and slaw with homemade mayo

Sunday, 5/6 – Broccoli salad and rotisserie chicken (broccoli salad is fresh broccoli, crumbled bacon, finely chopped onion, craisins, chopped walnuts, and a dressing made of mayo, apple cider vinegar, and honey)

Monday, 5/7 – Korean BBQ chicken & broccoli

Tuesday, 5/8 – Pork Butt in the crockpot with greens and beets

Wednesday, 5/9 – Italian sausage & peppers with cabbage

Thursday, 5/10 – Greek fish doubled, omit the bouillon cube and couscous

Friday, 5/11 – Chicken and broccoli stirfry

Saturday, 5/12 – Burgers and sweet potato fries

Sunday, 5/13 – Mother’s day – dh will cook or “cook”

Monday, 5/14 – Bacon Apple BBQ Chicken (not in a crockpot) with Costco’s Kirkland Normandy Vegetable blend

Tuesday, 5/15 – Pork tenderloin with mango salsa green beans

Wednesday, 5/16 – Spaghetti sauce with Italian sausage and veggies

Thursday, 5/17 – Garlic shrimp & Normandy vegetables

Friday, 5/18 – Chicken curry stew with vegetables

Saturday, 5/19 – Burgers and veggies

Sunday, 5/20 – Venison roast

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Progress report

I thought I’d update on not only dh’s progress, but my own.

Dh – down at least 75 pounds since he started at the end of July 2011. His measurements are great. He is down into a size 44-46 in pants (as opposed to a 56+” waist), and back down into a XXL shirt (instead of stretching out a 3XL). He can now toss hay into the hay loft like a machine, instead of struggling to get it in. He started working from home, so hopefully he’ll see some new improvements both in physical fitness and physique. He’s been at a plateau for almost 2 months (but he also had pneumonia for nearly 2 months, so I think he needs to give himself some slack).

For me, I started out just doing this to get healthier – no joint pain, reduced fatigue, and maybe some strength gains focusing on my core. I had absolutely no weight/physique goals at all. I knew I would see some weight loss, but only expected about 10-15. After I had the baby, I was at a 14 (also getting there pre-pregnancy). Within a few weeks, I was down into a 12. A couple of months after that, I noticed that 10s fit nicely. Then, several months after that, I saw that they were getting too big, so I went to Goodwill to get some size 8s. That didn’t last long, however, and I’ve been in size 6s and some 4s for almost a month now. I haven’t seen those sizes since middle school. I’ve lost 25 pounds. I might lose another 5-10, but I’m not trying to, and if I don’t, I don’t care. I am able to do a chinup now on the pullup bar. Sometimes I can squeeze in 2, almost 3. This is huge for me. I also climbed a real tree for the first time about a month ago. My exercise is still somewhat inconsistent because of the baby, but I enjoy doing little bursts of 10-15 minutes here and there. My biggest issue is continuing to stay off of sugar, which is when I noticed going down into the 6s, and also dialing in my sleep because if I don’t, I’m just hosed for 2-3 days.

The boys are doing great. The big boys act like they’re getting ready to go through a growth spurt. J3 is actually starting to get a little chubby, so we cut him back slightly on his breakfast and snacks. He wasn’t happy that he wasn’t getting the same as the big bubs, but he’s fine now and isn’t acting hungry, so I think we made a good choice with him. P is now 7 months, and he started to eat sweet potatoes the day before he turned 7 months. He is really enjoying the solids. I’m a little sad. I had hoped he would wait a little longer like the big brothers, but he’s still within the range of normal. I think I’m going to try egg yolks today or tomorrow for him.

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I’ve been MIA for quite some time. The hubby had pneumonia for 2 months, caused by chronic exposure to sewer gases at his workplace (only discovered the cause 2 hours before he left it for a work-from-home gig). Then our 11 year old son had an emergency appendectomy. In between all that, we’ve had baby goats and tons of eggs each day.

I’m going to try to get back to it more regularly, since I miss putting my menus and recipes in a nice place where I don’t lose them!

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