What is the paleo diet?

In order to talk about our journey into a primal or paleo lifestyle, I figure I should give a quick primer on what exactly I’m talking about.

In short, there is a way of eating following the principles of eating a lot of plants and animals, similar to what our ancestors must have done before the advent of large-scale agriculture. This way of eating avoids eating grains, legumes, or sugar, and severely limiting starchy tubers. There are several books that discuss this, most notably The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. Additionally, there are about as many different expressions of it as there are adherents. Some do not consume dairy.  Some eat only raw meat. Some eat limited amounts of legumes, after proper soaking and cooking. One subset is called primal, based on the book by Mark Sisson, The Primal Blueprint. One difference between paleo and primal is that primal tends to embrace a whole lifestyle change with 10 tenets, as well as being very much focused not on following a specific set of dietary guidelines as much as finding what works the best for you and your goals while remaining in the general framework.

Our primary exposure to this was through The Primal Blueprint, though I have since found other resources that are also good.

Here is a listing of links to the websites that I have found most useful in learning about the paleo diet and primal lifestyle.

Mark’s Daily Apple

Wellness Mama

Fathead Movie blog

Wheat Belly blog

Gary Taubes

Robb Wolf

Until next time, I hope you take a peek at the resources I’ve listed to learn on your own.


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