Touching base

It’s been busy here with a couple of sick little ones. The 3 year old had a sinus infection, and now the baby has an ear infection. Stay tuned, though! I’m going to be posting our menu for the last half of January fairly soon, with links & maybe even pictures!

A teaser recipe, to tide you over. I’m making bone broth in my crockpot. Bone broth is an amazing source of minerals, and it tastes really good, too! It is simple to make and more economical than buying broth or stock.

Take bones from meat (this time venison, but we do a lot of chicken too)
Garlic cloves
Bay leaf
Salt & pepper
Clean vegetable scraps (ends of carrots, celery, & onions, usually)
Apple cider vinegar (2-4 Tbsp)

Combine in crockpot and simmer on low a good 8-12 hours. Strain.

See? Easy! I also normally have other herbs in there, usually what I had in the meat while it was roasting – sage & thyme for chicken, rosemary & thyme for beef/venison. Also, if you’re using soup bones, roast them in the oven on 350 until they start smelling tasty before making stock. You’ll add a depth of flavor and unlock more nutrients.

A quick way I make stock, though not quite as nutritious as a long, slow simmer, is to throw the above ingredients into my electric pressure cooker and set it to the stew setting for 45 minutes. It takes about an hour to hour fifteen minutes, with the pressure coming up & going back down.


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