What to do about snacks

Snacks can be difficult to navigate on a paleo diet. Many of today’s packaged snacks are highly processed, and most contain wheat. With 4 hungry boys, this can be important to nail down without breaking the bank.

The boys eat more dairy and carbs than we do. I’ll include a small portion of white rice or starchy tuber with their meals that my husband and I do not eat. They also sometimes get the rare treat of a gluten-free granola bar. However, most of the time, they snack on cheese, nuts, raw veggies, or fruit. An apple, pear, or carrot with almond butter is quite delicious. If we’re out and about (grocery day or the 3-hour trip to visit my family), we may pack beef jerky and hard boiled eggs as well. The adults like cans of sardines or smoked herring, which are too messy for the more pint-sized family members.

I have also been known to drink a protein shake as a heavier snack. Or, when the goats are in milk, a goat yogurt smoothie is refreshing, usually made with bananas and frozen blueberries.

One other fun snack is to grind nuts and dried fruits in the food processor. There are tons of recipes out there under homemade Larabars, energy balls, etc. I may link a couple of my favorites, but it’s something to just play around with. We love black mission figs and walnuts – think guilt-free Fig Newtons. Or apricots and almonds – peach cobbler.

I hope this gives you some ideas!



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2 responses to “What to do about snacks

  1. sarah

    Thanks Amy. I am LOVING your blog!! 🙂

    • Here is my contribution to kick ithngs off.It’s a super simple breakfast that you can make in pieces ahead of time and have for 2-3 days for breakfast or a snack.You’ll need:2 grapefruits2 orangesberries of choice1 large banana1/2 avocado or almonds2-3 organic veg fed, cage free eggsAhead of time, peel and cut 2 of your favorite kinds of grapefruit, oranges (navel or tangerines work too) and toss in some berries (blue, black or rasp) and store this. This is your fruit salad base.Then morning of, cook your eggs to your liking (mine is over easy), slice your bananas and avocado/almonds and mix with your fruit salad, sprinkle with a little salt (sea salt preferably) and layer eggs over the top. If you you like a little kick in the am try some Tabasco over the eggs.Eat, enjoy.Best part is, you can make enough fruit salad to store and eat later on by up-ping the quantities of the fruit listed above and it’s very flexible in terms of what fruit you use. You can even kick it up a notch and add some bacon, turkey or ham to this and it would be awesome.

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