Fit Friday

I am going to use Fridays to track my fitness progress.

So far this week, I’ve practiced the 4 of the 5 Primal Essential Movements that I’m able to do.  I can’t do pull-ups yet, mainly because we haven’t found a good spot to put the pull-up bar.  I have toyed around with trying the Australian pullup, but haven’t found a place to try that, either.

My progress?  Well, I’m really sore.  Yesterday was another day.  I did all of the first set of squats, holding onto a chair like a ballet barre, but only made it to 20 or 25 on the second set.  I must’ve done something right, though, because I can feel it all throughout my legs, not just my quads.  My arms are sore, too.  But, the progress from when I started is kinda cool.  When I first started only my triceps hurt.  Now, I can feel it all throughout my upper arms, and some into my forearms.  So, maybe my triceps are catching up with my bicep strength? Overhead presses (first level in the videos I linked to earlier this week) – first time I could only do 1 set of 8.  I adjusted the height so that it is a little higher, and now I’m able to do (barely) 2 sets of 20.  Once that gets easy for me, I’ll lower the height a little and work from there. Planks are, well, planks.  The increasing strength in my upper arms is helping me to do better, but I still have a long way to go.

Since I’m so sore and it’s so wet & muddy, I am going to do some playing on Wii Fit. I can’t wait until we can get out and take walks around the property or local parks!


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