I owe you a menu post – 1/31-2/14

We’ve had some birthdays, so it has been busy around here. So, here’s my menu for this grocery/pay cycle.

Tuesday, January 31: Greek Fish (slice an onion and chop some garlic. Saute in olive oil in a large skillet, add a can of tomatoes and 1-2 pounds of white fish fillets like cod or tilapia, pour in equivalent weight of frozen green beans on top of fish. Cover and simmer until fish done & flaky. Add a can of sliced black olives or serve Kalamatas on the side if you prefer. May also sprinkle with some feta or goat cheese)
Wedenesday, February 1: Pork Chops with Shredded Brussels Sprouts (from Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals)
Thursday, February 2: Tuscan Rosemary Chicken with mixed veggies (no recipe, just sprinkled some Tuscan seasoning on chicken pieces & cooked them, cooked mixed vegetables as a side)
Friday, February 3: Birthday boy chose Applebee’s. We did eat paleoish pizza for lunch.
Saturday, February 4: Puerto Rican Beef over mashed sweet potatoes
Sunday, February 5: Eating out (again – yuck!) with my parents for birthday boys’ celebrations
Monday, February 6: Bacon-wrapped salmon cakes with carrot souffle and green beans
Tuesday, February 7: Chili (taking a meal to a family, so this is a doubled meal)
Wednesday, February 8: Chicken, Green beans, Sweet potatoes
Thursday, February 9: Crockpot Red Pork with Broccoli from Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals (new recipes, I’ll post about them later)
Friday, February 10: Smoked Sausage stew (smoked sausage, cabbage, carrots, and onions)
Saturday, February 11: Coconut Chicken Curry
Sunday, February 12: Italian-style chicken in the crockpot (chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers) with salad
Monday, February 13: Spaghetti soup
Tuesday, February 14: Asian-style chicken, mixed veggies


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