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Menu 2/16 – 3/2

I figured I would update a menu, since we’re doing a lot of new dishes this cycle.  Also, we’re doing a Whole30 as a family, so most of these are either already Whole30 approved, or easy to make Whole30.

2/16 – Chili with guac and slaw

2/17 – leftovers or roast chicken and veggies

2/18 – Oxtail Soup (recipe from a book I downloaded onto my Kindle)

2/19 – One-pot mustard and lemon chicken

2/20 –  Beef Saag and Punjabi Cabbage

2/21 – Italian Pork Chops with caramelized onions, green beans, still thinking on that last side.  Maybe ginger carrots or kraut

2/22 – Venison Goulash with mashed cauliflower (using venison, adding carrots

2/23 – Salmon cakes, winter squash, chard

2/24 – Italian Wedding Soup (homemade meatballs, omit orzo)

2/25 – Liver and onions, carrots, green beans

2/26 – Moroccan Chicken, broccoli

2/27 – Smoked sausage and cabbage noodles

2/28 – Shrimp Tom Kha Gai

3/1 – Gyro bowl, oven-roasted zukes, onions, peppers (using the spices and dressing, but using ground beef instead, maybe meatballs?)

3/2 – Asian Carnitas, stirfried broccoli slaw


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