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Letting a fever run its course

Breaking with my paleo primer to talk about a recent discovery. I have read for years that natural health professionals advocate letting a fever run its course. In fact, I’ll probably do another post on the topic with links, so you can read about it and make your own decision.

While I’ve had myriad opportunities to try this out, I’ve always opted for at least dosing them at night so they (and I) can get some rest. This time, the poor victim was P. He’s 4 months old, and I just didn’t want to introduce anything like that in his system yet. So, because it was only a low to slightly mid-grade fever, I watched. I have to say that just over 24 hours, and the fever is gone. In fact, the snotty nose and cough he was dealing with seem to be doing better, though not gone.

I will admit that I did give him a few small doses of Kid’s Relief Cough & Cold in the afternoon. It’s a homeopathic blend for kids. Because I dabble in homeopathy, I felt comfortable doing this. I think it helped to ease his fussiness and let him rest while the fever did its work.

Just thought I’d quickly share our first experience in letting a fever run its course!


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